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2020 Conference - Croatia

 European & International Conference 2020


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Basic Workshop

Basic Workshop – Darlington, 24th to 27th June 2019

And here’s yet another happy group who’ve just completed 4 fun-filled Basic Workshop learning days, hosted by the Hummersknott Academy, in Darlington.

The 9 women participants here, however, are all from Skerne Park Academy (primary school) who are very keen to progressively use Choice Theory throughout the school in the year(s) ahead. This initiative is being energetically lead by headteacher Kate Chisholm, and guided and supported by Louise Willis Keeler, who co-facilitated the training along with John Brickell.


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2019 Certification Group

The WGI-UK Certification Group of 2019

Congratulations to the 5 people who have completed the Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certification programme and all are now Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certified.

The 4 day endorsement & certification was held at East Bergholt, Colchester, where each candidate showed a high level of knowledge and understanding of Dr William Glasser's Choice Theory as well as demonstrating their skill in the use of Reality Therapy in both familiar and unfamiliar situations.

More photos on our Photo Gallery page


(pictured left to right)

Adrian Gorman (Endorsing Instructor), Katie Kedrick, Alton McDonald, Emma Davey, Pasquali Esposito & Mike Crofts




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Review of the CPD on Quality Schools

Professional Development day on The Quality School, Cambridge, Saturday 27th April 2019.

What an inspiring and energising day we had in Cambridge on Saturday! With a brilliant Keynote session from Brian Lennon, our guest presenter from The William Glasser Institute Ireland, and input from our own Executive members Geraldine, Ruth and Moira, all delegates were able to contribute to a highly interactive day. The themes that were covered centred on how Choice Theory Psychology can be applied in education and management. With much discussion on how to help schools to replace the ubiquitous Rewards and Sanctions practices that dominate many school cultures in this country, delegates came away with many practical ideas to use in their work as teachers, counsellors, volunteer coordinators, youth workers, psychologists, charity workers and other professions.

As Brian has been involved in training and consultancy around Choice Theory Psychology in several countries and worked closely with William Glasser for many years, this day was a chance to reconnect with the core principles and practical ways of applying this psychology.

Dr Geraldine Rowe


Photos can be seen on our Photo Gallery (link on the main page)

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Glasser Australia Conference 2019

You may be interested in the Glasser Australia Conference 2019. Click on the image to download the brochure.

au image


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New Practicum Supervisor Programme (PSP)

Do you want to join our Faculty team and become a Practicum Supervisor ? If so, we have a new PSP starting in 29th & 30th January 2019, in Newcastle (in the Quays area)

The format for the PSP basically consists of  3 Phases :

(I) Phase 1 (training phase) which consists of two consecutive workshop days – which sets out the "pathway ahead", as well as delivers on some key elements for running future practicums.

(ii) Mentoring phase – where you are involved in co-facilitating future practicum sessions (run by existing/qualified Practicum Supervisors). This is done whilst receiving mentoring and coaching by myself and other 'Faculty' of WGI-UK

(iii) Endorsement – where you demonstrate your readiness (usually while co-facilitating on a "live" Practicum) to become endorsed as a Practicum Supervisor.  

The cost for all of the above 3 phases is £650.00 when paid in advance (or it can be paid in 2 instalments of £250.00 and 1 of 200.00).

Please let me (John Brickell) know if you are interested in joining us for this PSP 'Phase 1'. 


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Faculty Retreat - Scotland 2018

IMG 20180916 WA0024At the end of the 2018 European Association for Reality Therapy Faculty Retreat, on a beautiful Autumn Sunday morning on 16th September in Stirling, situated quite close to both Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland, the UK organising committee of Moira Oliver, Ruth Bradbrook, Claire Gardiner and Sean Humphreys paused for a moment to reflect on what felt like the ending of a journey that had been two years long. It had started in a much warmer and also beautiful setting in Malta when the four of us began to share our perceptions, our hopes and expectations for Scotland 2018. The details were still to come, but after a wonderful time in Rabat, we all agreed that we hoped to achieve the goal of creating another important and powerful learning experience. As all of us present shared with each other during our self evaluations and feedback at the closing session in a room near to the Wallace Monument at the beautiful Stirling University, it would be appropriate to conclude that the whole group together had achieved (this goal.

Around 72 hours prior to this, we began the conference by sharing our hopes and expectations for the coming days. We welcomed some new additions to the group and we acknowledged that some of our friends and colleagues were sadly missing on this occasion. I noticed two distinct themes in the opening meeting that were commonly shared by most of the group at least. One theme was that the group felt a warm closeness and a strong bond of love and friendship, and another was that people thought that it was possible that we could become closer together in terms of our ideas about our professions and about how we practice these.

Although it was commonly felt that one area of development had more potential than the other in terms of distance to be travelled, which says as much about our close friendships as it does about differences in perceptions about our work, it would be fair to say that we had lots of opportunities to develop both! The parallel journeys continued with a workshop by one of our special guests, a member of the Senior Australian Faculty - Maggie Bolton - who showed us some demonstrations of how she teaches Choice Theory. The energy in the room was clear to see as we enjoyed what we were learning. A series of no fewer than ten workshops from presenters from Slovenia, Croatia and the UK were enjoyed before the penultimate session facilitated by the EART President Danko Butorac where he demonstrated the science behind Choice Theory and its application in Reality Therapy. In between, the group and also our guests (including star appearances from some very talented children) learned to dance as is done at a Scottish Ceilidh and we danced some more familiar moves at the disco. We played music together and we sung, we ate Haggis and Stovies, we explored some general knowledge on topics ranging from Scottish Geography to music and history, and we saw some of Scotland together including a castle that was built at a time when most people in the world chose external control psychology as their belief system. Why are you laughing?!

As our time together progressed, maybe the parallel journeys to deepen our already strong friendships and to grow closer together by learning more about each other's work, began to feel like one combined journey of enjoyable discovery. As I remember learning from Ljiljana Supraha in Malta two years ago, this feeling of fun must be an indication that we are 'doing some things right'.

The end of the journey in terms of this EART Faculty Retreat may be here, but the journey of learning and loving together continues as we look forwarded to the next stop in Bosnia 2021. Before this, we have lots more work to enjoy doing together.

(Sean Humphreys September 18th 2018)

See photos here



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CTRT Research

Choice Theory (CT)/Reality Therapy (RT) efficiency research and scientific support.

' There are 82 doctoral dissertations written on reality therapy identified between 1970 and 1990 (Franklin, M, (1993); Eighty-two Reality therapy doctoral dissertations written between 1970. and 1990, Journal of Reality Therapy, 11(2), 76-82). Of course, this number has eventually been redoubled....'

The latest documentation listing the articles on research and support of CT RT has just been published by the European Association for Reality Therapy (EART) and a copy is attached here.

View/Download Research PDF

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We have published our Privacy Notice which can be viewed via the 'About WGI-UK' link at the top of the page.

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Basic Instructor Endorsement

Toni SeanA big congratulations to Toni Groundwater and Sean Humphreys who, last week, in Edinburgh, completed their endorsement to become Basic Instructors. This journey has taken some two years, during which time they have supported and co-facilitated on many of the workshops run by Ruth Bradbrook and myself, and additionally have taken a lead teaching role on at least 3 Basic Trainings. Without doubt, Toni and Sean have outstandingly demonstrated their readiness to become a part of our teaching team, and we are delighted to have them "on board".

They have already successfully run introductory trainings within their own organisations, and hopefully their will be many more to come. Sean, who is based in Edinburgh, is the Outreach Co-ordinator with 'Venture Trust', an organisation that works with people to help develop and foster positive personal change, often utilising outdoor and wilderness environments. Toni, who is based in Glasgow, is a Social Movement Manager with 'See Me Scotland', an organisation – funded by the Scottish Government & Comic Relief – that initiates programmes designed to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.

The photo here shows them happily at the end of the last endorsement day.

Congratulations, once again.
John Brickell (Director of Faculty Development)

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Faculty Registration

2018 Fees due now
payment poster

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Website Update - For your information

The William Glasser Institute UK and the European Asscociation for Reality Therapy websites has been upgarded to a secure server, and you should now see the website address has now changed (as the image below shows) from http://... to https://...


This will not effect your use of the site in any way.





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Latest Advanced Workshop

The latest CTRTC programme workshop was held in Sothhampton recently.

The workshop was held at Southampton University Hospital, from left to right : Rory Norton, John Perry, Aubin de Gruchy, John Brickell (wokshop leader), Ann-Kristin Elvestad Odegaard, and Leonard Citron. A very enjoyable and quality learning experience was had by all, and John Brickell's evaluation is that all 5 participants are right on track for Certification in the not-too-distant future. Congratulations to everybody !

 Adv group image6

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Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certification 2017

Congratulations to the latest group in the UK to have completed the Certification programme, and to have demonstrated skill, knowledge & understanding of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy to a high level, thus earning the status Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certified (CTRTC)

Left to right: Dalal Al Bahar, Graham Helm (with Jenni Broadhead Graham's assistant), Chris Brain, Lou Willis-Keeler and Craig Wilson


The workshop was held in East Burgholt, Suffolk - the Certifying Instructor was Adrian Gorman.


IMG 4992



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6th European Reality Therapy Conference


The 6th European Reality Therapy Conference is being held in Tampere, Finland 245h - 28th May 2017. Places are still available, and for more information contact Adrian Goramn, or visit the conference site here www.eart2017.eu/

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Happy New Year!

I would like to welcome to all our new members to our website and also to wish all our members, old and new, a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

You may be interested to hear that EART (European Association for Reality) Therapy are having a conference in May. We are all invited and there is an early bird rate that ends at the end of next month so get your registrations in soon if you want to go.

Please check their website out for the details.

Please also check on our website for up and coming workshops.

Lets make 2017 a great year!

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Basic Instructor Training

3 New Instructors in the Making

instructorsThe handsome trio here are Sean Humphreys, Toni Groundwater and Richard Cooke, all looking full of positive vibes having just completed the initial training phase of the Basic Instructor Programme, which was held, on 7th & 8th November, at the 'Venture Trust' office centre in Edinburgh. The training was led by John Brickell who will also be overseeing the 'mentoring phase' of the programme that follows next.

Both Toni and Sean work as outreach coordinators for the Venture Trust organisation and Richard is a programme development manager for the 'Prince's Trust/Fairbridge', in Edinburgh. So all 3 have extensive experience of working with young people (sometimes using "outdoor environments") where the focus is on personal development and, often times, dealing with challenging behaviours, and where the ideas and skills of CT/RT & LM are both highly applicable and practically effective.

We look forward to keeping you updated on Toni, Sean and Richard's progress.

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Members Day 2016

Members day 2016

Our first WGI-UK Member’s Day took place on 22nd October 2016 in Cambridge. It was well attended and it was good to connect again with members that we hadn’t seen for a while as well as welcoming new people who came along to find out more about Choice Theory / Reality Therapy. The venue, Hill’s Road Sixth Form College was perfect, a wonderful new building with all the facilities we needed. Rob Leslie, his wife Goska and Carol Way laid on an amazing spread for lunch and kept us topped up with hot and cold drinks all day.

IMG 7u3e9tThe main event was a presentation from Brian Lennon who came over from Ireland to deliver two inspiring workshops: The first one, on his fascinating work with children and young people with a condition he calls Dystraxia and the second, on Helping Victims of Bullying with CT/RT.

Both sessions were stimulating and generated a lot of discussion. I certainly went away feeling that I had learnt a great deal and had increased my understanding of Dystraxia. I’m sure that those of us who work with children and young people will be better able to support them in the future due to this workshop.

During the day there was a range of resources for sale at heavily reduced prices and people went away with lots of bedtime reading. I also valued the opportunities to connect with others and I went home with my CT/RT batteries well and truly recharged!


We are planning to have more days such as this in the future so role on the next one and thank you to all those who attended.

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Days of Leon Conference

IMG 5318The very first 'Days of Leon' conference organised by European Institute for Reality Therapy was held in Bled, Slovenia on 20th - 23rd November (unfortunatley the date clashing with the WGI UK members day).

IMG 5684

On this occassion the conference was for European Faculty in the first instance as a trial, and on day 1 over 200 guest from the psychotherapy community (mostly 2 year students) attended. A variety of workshops dedicated to Choice Theory counselling and Quality schools was on offer as well as a live Skype session between EIRT faculty and Dr. Richard Marken,  co-author of 'CONTROLLING PEOPLE: The Paradoxical Nature of Being Human'. We were able to have a hour with Dr Marken to discuss his (and Bill Powers) Theory and beleifs, (Perceptual Control Theory), and were able to have a discussion on the similarity with Choice Theory.

ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy) was presented to recipients next to a bronze bust of Leon.

The conference, in Leon Lojk's memory, is scheduled to run same time same place each year.

More picures from the conference can be seen on the EART website photo gallery www.ctrt.eu

 About Leon Lojk

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